Journal of Judeo-Christian Studies

The intent of this peer-reviewed journal is to provide a forum for discussion, research, and the sharing of ideas concerning the Judeo-Christian faith upon which some of the major world religions are based.

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Welcome to the Journal of Judeo-Christian Studies!

This peer-reviewed journal's focus is on all things Judeo-Christian related - especially research that promotes further understanding of the Judeo-Christian faiths, their similarities, and their differences. The range of subjects covered in this journal include but are not limited to

  • Archeological finds and how they affect current thinking
  • Textual interpretation
  • Origins
  • Current research
  • Best practices for sharing the Judeo-Christian faiths
  • Future trends
  • Promoting peace through understanding the similarities and differences of each faith

Whatever your research area, this journal strives to provide access to the most current research and innovations.

Please note: The Journal of Judeo-Christian Studies anticipates launching its first issue January 31, 2012.  Therefore, a Call for Authors, a Call for Editors, and a Call for Reviewers has been extended. Interested parties are invited to apply through their journal of choice.