Journal of Instructional Design

Instructional Design as a field of study is relatively young. This peer-reviewed journal is intended to provide an open forum for the sharing of ideas and innovation for the promotion and advancement of the field of Instructional Design and is open to practitioners and laity alike.

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Welcome to the Journal of Instructional Design!

This peer-reviewed journal's focus is on all things instructional design related - especially best practices and research that promotes learner engagement, learner motivation, and successful learning and knowledge transfer. The range of subjects covered in this journal include but are not limited to

  • Current research and innovation
  • Current learning theories
  • Principles of ID
  • Current ID models
  • Project Management and ID
  • Technology and ID
  • ID best practices

Whatever your research area, this journal strives to provide access to the most current research and innovations.

Please note: The Journal of Instructional Design anticipates launching its first issue January 31, 2012.  Therefore, a Call for Authors, a Call for Editors, and a Call for Reviewers has been extended. Interested parties are invited to apply through their journal of choice.